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Happy Autumn!

Thanksgiving is so close. Sooner or later, someone is going to ask you what you’re thankful for, so start thinking about it now — you’re gonna want to have that answer ready, right? Otherwise, who knows what you might say.

I reached out to many of our past brides recently, asking them if they would mind sending us some of the professional photographs from their wedding (especially of the flowers, of course). Most of them were happy to do it, so in this waiting period between previous weddings and the ones we’ll get pictures from later, I thought I’d throw up just a few shots of some unique details from Days of Weddings Past. Not every wedding has to be blush and white and cream, but for those that are, they can still stand out!

Meyer Photography

Above you’ll see those classic colors and lots of roses, but admire the little pearls stick in between! At the risk of embarrassing myself, when we add little touches like this (that is, pearls or rhinestones or the like) for other customers, we call it “bling” because obviously that’s what it is. You can call it flare if you want, or pizzazz, or razzle-dazzle, whatever. But for a bride I would suggest trying something that sounds a little classier. Best to play it safe with pearls, rhinestones, charms, etc.


Here we have something different. White and purple is a color combination you’ll find suggested a lot when you’re looking into wedding themes, and what I really like is that this bride asked for a lot of greens in her bouquet. It’s not typical, and it certainly makes it harder to go for a rounded (or pavé) look, so it’s absolutely a preference thing; I just happen to appreciate it a lot. What you’re seeing up there are roses, of course, some thistle, green hypericum berries, and silver dollar eucalyptus; the little buds sticking up there are unopened lisianthus, and the purple sprays are salvia.

To be honest, I had to ask about that last one because I couldn’t remember the name. And when I looked it up afterwards, I found out that salvia is also known as “sage of the diviners.” What?! Awesome!

JM Photography

So I’ve already admitted how much I love greenery; have I mentioned that I love cascading bouquets? We just don’t get to do them enough! That flowing, trailing look is so gorgeous (like a waterfall of flowers… d’you think that’s where the name comes from…) and it’s hard to make any two cascading bouquets look exactly alike. Pinterest fads are all well and good, but after awhile, everybody’s unique ideas start to get really similar.

You can see open lisianthus in the above photo (the violet flowers) as well as Picasso callas with their lovely purple centers. And the spider mums! Like fireworks!

One last purple theme!

This one is very different, as you might have noticed, because we’re talking deep purples and shades from red to fuschia. This is a statement, that’s what I’d emphasize most about it — not a lot of brides pick colors meant to draw your eye right away. Obviously, you should be looking at her first! But if you like purple and red, this ombre-esque bunch is the way to go. Those colors sit next to each other on the color wheel, and otherwise the clash might be overpowering.

Perfect Day Photography

I just want to point out that this might be the boss’s favorite picture. Not just for the flowers, but because it’s just so elegant, and the pose is lovely. As far as the flowers, though, you can see that there’s a contrast with those bursts of yellow among the white, plus more greens. (Notice how the greens are pale, so that they don’t draw away from the yellow? It’s a nice touch!)

Moody Photographers

On one last note, this is a different look from the ones above because — as you can see — it’s almost a bunch of wildflowers, or at least it’s meant to have that illusion. Lisianthus (the white) and ranunculus (the yellowish ivory) are not exactly wildflowers, but the green sprays of eucalyptus and pittosporum plus the stalks of pink waxflower popping out give it that fresh-picked feel.

What do you think? These are just a few different styles out of a lot that we’ve done. Every choice belongs to the brides; we just build what they’re imagining. Hopefully more stunning photos will be forthcoming, once our brides send them over (with their permission, obviously). I’ll do another post soon, also, to showcase some different types of centerpieces. They’re not just flowers in vases, my friends.

In the meantime, enjoy fall while it lasts!


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