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August to September

No flowers on this arbor, but what a great drape, right?

Although several more beautiful weddings have happened over the course of August, I’ve realized belatedly that it’s probably a better idea to point out the unique choices of flowers and centerpieces than to go over each one specifically. After all, many weddings involve, for example, white and/or pink roses, shades of coral (that was the popular color this summer), mini roses, and of course the infamous hydrangea.

Every wedding had a personal touch that made it unique, even if some of the flowers seemed alike. One wedding was a simple affair to put together from the floral perspective, but the bride chose to add Picasso calla lilies to a cream and white bouquet, and the effect was great: Picassos are white with a deep purple center, so there was a pop of stunning color amidst the soft flowers. Picassos are a very popular variation of calla, which are not cheap flowers to begin with. When people are springing for callas in an arrangement, this is typically the direction they go.

A purple pop!

Another bride played up her white flowers with floofy white feathers! That is definitely a bold choice — true of putting feathers into any floral arrangement — but I really liked it. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing, honestly. Although if it was my wedding, all of my guests would have had to watch me pet the soft feathers for the entirety of the service. Oops!

Anyway, add in some ostrich feather centerpieces standing on tall gold vases draped with pearls, and I bet she had Jay Gatsby peeking in her windows.

A feathery collar, with a glimpse of silver pearls.
Champagne, anyone?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking the simple colors of the flowers and putting them in unique places. You could definitely use that centerpiece up there as a great example, but expand your imagination with a few others: check out the wild-looking roses spilling out of a silver lantern below, or little clusters of roses and lisianthus topping the cake.

A great way to go woodsy AND classic.
An inside-out cake?? Witchcraft!













I really like the lanterns especially. We’ve used them for a few brides so far and they always look a little different — once they just had silver dollar eucalyptus wrapped around a candle inside — and when we use fake candles, we have ones that smell like vanilla, so. There is also that awesome bonus.

Finally, I’m going to make an abrupt left turn here and show off the bouquet for a bride who definitely steered clear of the creams and pastels. Hers was blast of colors! We’re talking hot pinks, purples, magenta, fuschia, a little dash of white, and some orchids peeking out among the roses and lisianthus. There’s no way this bunch wasn’t drawing every eye when the bride walked down the aisle.

Double pop! Triple pop! ALL THE POPS!

All in all, even when the flowers are similar, they’re always broken up by a special detail here or there that keeps us on our toes. You might think that it gets tricky to keep these details straight and to make sure they end up in the right weddings… well, you’d be right, but that’s what recipe sheets are for, my friends. All the designers need is a list of ingredients and they can take the potion from there.

Get it? Because it’s magical!


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