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Sunday, July 17th

Figured I’d break the weekend up into two posts, otherwise you’d be scrolling for an hour. And like I said, Sunday’s wedding was different from Saturday’s, and by the time I finished the prep I thought I wouldn’t be able to get the smell off my hands for days.

Allow me to explain.

In the world of flowers, this is a supermodel.

Saturday’s wedding had a nice little dash of the rustic flavor to it, but this one was a full-on banquet. It didn’t have the usual emphasis on roses, although the bride did choose to build her bouquet around a thick bunch of Polo roses, which are the kind that open up very fluffy and full and have the knotted center, like garden roses (plus a few peonies, which are a VERY nice flower – on the higher end of a typical assortment). Her colors were rose and grey, which is a nice, very delicate color combination and of course gives her a lot of wiggle room to choose flowers that will fit with that theme.

It’s the Halloween weddings where they have to get creative, but those come out looking REALLY cool. Maybe someday I’ll talk about the thirteen jack-o’-lanterns I had to carve for a wedding last year. Or maybe not, since I can still smell the pumpkin guts when I think about it.

In any event, the roses were saved for the bride. The bouquets for her bridesmaids and her maid of honor were filled out with big white spider mums (another personal favorite of mine, mums being the flower for my birth month of November!), plus white cushion mums, and a wild, ecclectic natural mix of limonium, gypsophila (which you probably know as baby’s breath), silver dollar eucalyptus, blue thistles, lavender, and dusty miller.

The only spiders that aren’t horrible.
Fresh lavender…
versus dry!

That’s right, lavender, and it was such a cool idea and a really nice touch. But that is definitely a scent I can still smell wafting up from my hands any time I move them. Even when you work with flowers all the time, some scents just stick with you! Typically you have to settle for dried lavender when it’s out of season, and the blooming period had just passed — the lavender in my own yard was barely purple anymore — but somehow my boss managed to track down fresh lavender as well as dry. So this lucky wedding had both!

Limonium is a filler flower with a really cool spray look.

I am lying to you.

The particular type we often use is called misty blue — but don’t be fooled, because it’s definitely lavender. It’s a shade that matches up great with greys despite being purplish; a few proms ago, one of the girls was wearing a gunmetal dress and the limonium she picked out for her bouquet was strikingly perfect. I loved that one and I still pitch it to customers. So for this bride’s whole look of greys and shades of gentle purple it really added a nice touch. So did the thistle, of course, but our thistles spent the entire time I was working with them biting my fingers, so I don’t feel especially kindly toward them at any given moment.


The dusty miller made up for it, though. You’d recognize that one if you saw it — they have the silvery, lacy-looking leaves that are super soft to the touch, like plant velvet. The only thing to be careful of with them is that they’ll go limp after a while, especially if they’re not in water, so you have to watch your timing. It can actually be a good thing to design with dusty miller at the last minute.

dusty-miller silver dust
I am soft and apologizing for all you have suffered because of thistles.

Anyway, despite smelling like I shoved my hands into a vat of lavender lotion, I really loved putting together the boutonnieres for this wedding. Only the groom got a rose, and some green hypericum berries; none of the other guys got any large flowers at all. Every single bout was a spray of lavender, rosemary, and a thistle wrapped in twine, and (even though my fingertips were chewed up by those thistles) the end product was really amazing. I would have loved to see the final look with all the men wearing them, but alas, it was my job to guard the store while the others ventured to exotic locations.

Oh, and everything was wrapped in either burlap lace or twine. Perfect!

Last but not least were tall, wild centerpieces built entirely out of curly willow and white larkspur, and I’m positive there were children at the wedding who were smaller than those things.

I will desperately try to retangle myself no matter what you do.
I am very delicate and much more well behaved!









Unfortunately I’ve been having some trouble getting ahold of the photographer for their wedding, which you might have noticed considering all these lovely stock photos. So far the time being, Google Image Search will have to do some of the work for me in representing the locations for this particular wedding. The ceremony took place at St. John’s Church in Lakehurst and the reception was at the ever-lovely Brigalias in Sicklerville, a very popular venue for fancy events, parties, and of course receptions.


Summer’s not over yet. Fortunately, August will give us a little bit of breathing room, but there’s a lot of Friday weddings, rather than Saturdays or Sundays. Which is unusual. Gotta change the game up!


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